4 Key Steps to Follow Before Buying a Used Vehicle
  • Set A Budget (Include Insurance And Annual Maintenance)
  • Evaluate Your Needs (What Do I Need This Vehicle For ?)
  • Do Your Research (What Features Do You Want/Need, Color, Etc)
  • Choose Your Dealer

Many people who try to sell their vehicle privately soon learn that potential buyers can be very choosy. And why not? If the seller gets a number of turndowns by possible buyers, they may soon learn that selling a car “as is” is not as easy as they thought. Buyers look for reliable transportation and an “as is” car probably isn’t!

So, back to the question. Is it cheaper buying privately? In the final analysis, it might even be more expensive. A dealer’s cost to repair a transmission, replace an air conditioning compressor or repaint a car will be well below what the average person will pay. This allows a dealer to refurbish a vehicle, make a profit and still be competitive with a private seller.

When you compare a private sale with a dealer sale … look at price and quality!

It’s true that dealers expect to make a profit on their sale ….. if not, they’d soon go out of business, wouldn’t they? But what about the private sale. How does the private seller determine the price they want for their car? More often than not, they check to see what dealers are charging for a comparable vehicle and try to get as close to that price as possible. Often times they might even ask for more because, they may claim, they looked after the vehicle with Tender Loving Care. The TLC may be true or it may not! Only a good mechanical inspection will determine that. Regardless, they’re going to try to get as close to what a dealer would ask for the car as they possibly can. That’s just human nature. Everyone wants to try to get the best advantage they can. The private seller isn’t selling the car to become your best friend. In fact, you’ll probably never hear from the person again. You’re certainly not likely to buy another car from them, so they really have no incentive to ensure that you’re a happy purchaser.

That’s not true of the dealer. He not only wants you as a happy purchaser of that car … he also wants you to spread the word to your friends and relatives that he’s a dealer that you’re pleased with Nothing beats a referral from a satisfied customer!

We believe that the better alternative to buying privately is to buy from a registered dealer. There are many reasons why buying from a registered dealer is safer for consumers.

Only Dealers Offer These Services:
A Dealer’s Warranty, After Sale Service, Wide Selection Of Vehicles, Recourse, Clean Titles, Financing, Extended Warranties, Accept Trade Ins